Property Rules

Riding Rules

Riding Hours:  8am - 5pm Friday & Saturday, 8am - 4pm Sundays

  1. 1st gear around Driveways, campgrounds, car parks and office areas..........Speed Limit: 10 km/h
  2. No burnouts, wheelies, skids etc on driveways, car parks, campgrounds etc.
  3. Helmet and shoes must be worn AT ALL TIMES
  4. Wristbands must be worn on your left wrist and shown to staff when required.
  5. Observe and follow signage AT ALL TIMES (All tracks are one way only)
  6. No riding in the creek or on the creek banks (No bathing or washing of bikes or other vehicles in the creek)
  7. Stay on the tracks and signed trails
  8.  NO QUAD BIKES over 150cc 4 stroke or 85cc 2 stroke are permitted on the property.
  9. No tear offs!

Track Rules


  1. Full riding gear is mandatory on ALL MX TRACKS. (Helmet, Gloves, Goggles, Boots, Long Sleeves, Long Pants)
  2. N adults on kids tracks (Respect age and bike size limits)
  3. No doubling on any MX Tracks
  4. Supervise your children AT ALL TIMES
  5. No cutting the tracks 
  6. STEP UP PASS - These passes are issued to children on 85cc 2 Stroke and 150cc Four Stoke that are capable of riding on the STEP UP TRACK with the Seniors, after being supervised by and approved by the Manager. Children with the STEP UP PASS will not be permitted to ride at the Small Bike Times. (11.30am-12pm and 2pm-2.30pm).
  7. No tear offs!

Camping Rules


  1. Keep your campsite/parking spot clean and tidy at all times.
  2. Do not throw leftover food on the ground, it only brings pests.
  3. NO 4WD DRIVING is permitted anywhere on the property.
  4. NO riding around on campsites
  5. Supervise your children AT ALL TIMES
  6. Throw all suitable rubbish in the skip bin near the office or at the bottom of the driveway. (NO broken tents/gazebos/bulky items......PLEASE TAKE THEM WITH YOU)
  7. No cutting or collecting FIREWOOD (BYO or 20kg bags & kindling for sale at the office)
  8. Please keep all noise to a minimum after 10pm. No loud music between 10pm and 10am.
  9. Use existing campfire pits (you may use your own brazier) - Do not move the rocks ($50 penalty fee applies)
  10. NO GLASS OR CANS in Campfires.
  11. DOGS ARE ALLOWED in the campgrounds but must be kept on a lead. NO DOGS ALLOWED on Southern Side of the highway (through the tunnel). 
  12. Generators are allowed, but must be switched off at 10pm.