Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! We just ask that they are kept within your campsite or walked on a leash, and that you clean up after them. 

What riding gear is required for me/my children to ride?

For adults riding the full size mx tracks, full riding gear is mandatory. This includes pants, jersey, mx boots, goggles, gloves & helmet. 

If you are riding trails only, steel cap boots, work boots, trail boots etc. are ok along with the above mandatory gear.

For children we highly recommend full riding gear as mentioned above. Helmets and goggles are mandatory but they are ok to wear a long shirt, long pants and completely closed in shoes on the junior tracks. 

Are quads ok?

Children's quads (150cc and under) are accepted and ok to ride the tracks. We DO NOT cater to large quads and do not allow these on the property. Please also note that most of our trails are single line and can be quite challenging for quads. 

Do I have to sign a waiver and sign in even if I'm not riding?

Yes. All first time visitors, riding or not, must sign a waiver and present ID at check in. All visitors, riding or not, must also sign in at the office each time they attend the facility.

If I'm under 18 can I still attend the park with friends?

Yes, absolutely. If it is your first time you must bring a completed copy of the waiver form, which is downloadable on our website. This must be completed by one of your parents or legal guardian and include a photo copy of their ID.  

Can I camp if I'm under 18?

 Yes, however you must be accompanied by at least one person who is 18+. 

Can we bring our generator?

Generators are permitted but they must be switched of by 10pm to reduce noise.

Are fires allowed?

Certainly! Please use the designated fire ring in your site. If you move the fire ring, or burn a new one outside of it, there will be a $50 fine. Please note that fires will only be permitted in accordance with local council permissions. 

Can I bring my own firewood?

 Absolutely. You are most welcome to bring your own firewood. Alternatively, we have both kindling and 20kg bags of firewood available for purchase at the office. You are not permitted to cut or collect firewood from around the park. Collecting small sticks for kindling is ok.  

What is the latest time I can arrive?

If it is your first time to Gap Creek Moto you must arrive before 6pm. No exceptions. If you can not make it before 6pm, you cannot come until the following day. 

For visitors who have been multiple times you can arrange a late arrival by contacting us on 0427 666 224.

Can I ride my bike to the toilet/shower before and after riding hours?

 No. Under no circumstances are bikes to be ridden outside of the designated riding hours.